Eco Friendly Snack Bag: Beyond Snacks

Eco Friendly Snack Bag: Beyond Snacks

I find myself reaching for the eco-friendly snack bag for uses far beyond delicious treats. Here are 3 of the surprising ways our snack bags get used.

Road Trips:

I always initially pack a couple snack bags with travel munchies - things like goldfish crackers, cut berries, or trail mix. But once that runs out and we need to stop for lunch, I use the snack bags to portion out parts of a larger meal for my girls. Instead of buying two separate meals in the Chick-Fil-A drive through (let's face it, I don't love getting fast food, but on road trips, that's the easiest thing to do), I purchase the 30 count nuggets and a couple large fries. Then, while my husband is still behind the wheel, I can separate a few nuggets and some fries into each person's snack bag and hand it to the back seat. Refill as needed. This cuts the price of our lunch in half since I'm not buying lots of individual meals.

Ice Pack:

This is one of my favorite uses since it takes no prep time in advance, but it's quick to make happen. Sometimes when one of my girls falls outside and needs an icepack, I realize we don't actually have any in the freezer. They may have gotten left out from the last injury (probably the day before at the rate we go through ice packs), left at school, or more than likely I just can't find THE ONE they need right then. I just grab a snack bag, hold it open under the refrigerator ice dispenser and let it fill up. A quick zip and it's ready to get the job done. Bonus - there's a fabric barrier between the ice and the skin so it's not as uncomfortable as putting the ice pack directly on the injury.

Movie Popcorn:

Similar to the road trip fast food solution, when we go to the movies instead of purchasing an individual popcorn for each person, we just get one large bucket to share. As a family of four, it's tough for each of us to reach the bucket without disturbing whoever is in between us. So we bring our own snack bags and portion out some popcorn for each person. Again, we're saving money, but everyone is still happy with their own stash of popcorn. 

Other awesome non-snack uses: make up bag, keeping medication together, travel toiletry bag, pencil/crayon bag, a small wet bag, etc.

Since the bags are made with food-safe, non-toxic, BPA/PFOS/PFOA-free materials, it's a great go-to for anything you're more than a little particular about what the contents are exposed to. I'd love to hear any of the ways outside of snacks you use your snack bags!

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