Bee Girl Organization

One of the driving factors in wanting to start my own business was the desire to give back to organizations close to my heart. Though there were many groups I thoroughly researched, the more I learned about Bee Girl, the more I wanted to play a small role in the big work they're doing.

Sarah Red-Laird, BGO's founder, is on a mission to regenerate bee, soil, and human communities through research, art projects, and education programs. But it was Sarah's involvement in the Kids and Bees program that really caught my attention. Instead of being scared of bees, the program teaches kids, in a positive and engaging way, why our bees are essential to everyday life and how the kids can be honey bee heroes.

Together these two groups are changing the ways children see bees and the way the environment around them plays a role down to every last detail. With Minecraft build challenges, guide books, and lesson plans for teachers - there's so many creative ways Sarah has cultivated genuine engagement so kids truly love learning more about bees. As a former teacher and mama of two, this really spoke to me and got me excited to donate a percentage of my sales.

Beyond the Kids and Bees program, BGO works shoulder-to-shoulder with ranchers, farmers, vineyard managers and wine makers, universities, government entities, policy makers, and partner nonprofits to understand and address issues in agriculture that affect bees, and to create collaborative win-win solutions for bees and producers.